Pitching startups 2023



Bringing the circular economy to parents everywhere
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Campsaround is an outdoor community that assists travelers to book online eco-friendly stays
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Property fragmentation and selling through a platform in accordance with the Greek law
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Athletopia is a sports tech venture set to digitize and supercharge the global running event industry, as our platform helps organizers to turn a one-day-event into a 100-day data-driven journey.
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Caroo is un-distressing the stock of Car Rentals and utilizing the sitting assets through Car-sharing.
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Tourmie is an all-in-one Guest Experience application that helps hotels and vacation rentals enhance their guest experience, streamline their communications, and increase their revenue.
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Intelligent Booking Administration Software
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A Device-as-a-service fintech solving over-indebtedness and financial exclusion by enabling people to flexibly lease tech products with a subscription instead of buying them
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Pleione Energy S.A

A modular All-in-One energy storage solution that empowers apartment owners and tenants to reduce their energy costs by 30%, without sacrificing comfort or room space
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We help cargo ships sail safer, greener and save up to 25% of their OPEX/ voyage with our AI-powered marine weather forecasts.
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Aisthesis Medical

Aisthesis Medical revolutionises acute care with its AI-powered clinical decision-support system for hemodynamic management and complication prediction, saving lives and improving patient outcomes.
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Project DENN

A decentralized news platform that connects media professionals and citizens by enabling content authenticity and provenance.
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Terra Robotics

OMEGA - The autonomous organic weeding robot for high density seeded crops
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SPIN Analytics

Automation in Regulatory Credit Risk Modelling
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Unlocking the Value of Human biosamples.
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JADBio accelerates drug discovery and precision medicine through automating Machine Learning and Biomarker Discovery. It is designed for life scientists, catering the needs of Research institutions, BioTech, and Pharma Companies and is able to disrupt every drug discovery stage.
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Next generation of safer and more efficient small wind turbines based on patented jet-engine design.
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360 Career Marketplace for High Specialized Professionals (Tech, Construction, Manufacturing, Business)
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NFTs with utilities: ticketing, music, collectibles and memberships: enabling the sale of physical and digital experiences
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VERTLINER is a field robotics company developing A.S.S.E.S.S.™, an integrated solution consisting of an autonomous aerial robot and an AI-powered cloud platform to accurately inspect and monitor assets and infrastructures in GPS-denied environments
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Rest of Europe

The Care Hub

We license AI-ready digital infrastructure to home care providers at a fraction of the cost and with no risk.
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Wombi is a web3 audiences provider and marketplace that helps putting ads in front of the best users in web2
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Walk15 is a B2B SaaS Sustainable Walking Platform that increases the engagement of employees and customers with Step Challenges and Step Wallet solutions
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Online agricultural consultation from Freelance Agronomists
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Vienna Textile Lab

Vienna Textile Lab is a biotech/fashion tech company that focuses on the research, development and production of textile dyes and pigments manufactured from microorganisms.
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Empowering sustainable space operations with next-gen software solutions
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Bliink is an AI-powered app that helps computer users to improve eye health, correct sitting posture and boost work productivity.
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Astrolight is bridging the connectivity gap between Space and Earth
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Insights and Value for Better Outcomes - Private Secure Processing Environment SPESiOR and Health Economics by ESiOR
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PARKINSONGS is an App and 360º VR-based digital solution that offers an original multidisciplinary daily training for Parkinson’s patients with 3 main objectives: Increase levels of autonomy, increase quality of life of patients and increase well-being of patients.
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Real-time ferry-lines information system
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Unbanx is a fairtrade consumer intelligence platform. We enable our users to create value for themselves from and on top of their spending data, our customers have the ability to reach users based on their spending habits.
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Databorg enables businesses for the next generation of AI Tools by hypercharging their knowledge management.
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We make stupid things smart, to help gym owners, trainers and visitors progress
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Rohstoffe Loudaya UG

Rohstoffe Loudaya imports, refine and distribute raw materials for natural cosmetic products.
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NUCAPS Nanotechnology SL

NUCAPS is an international biotechnology company that develops and produces a new kind of functional ingredients: Protein microencapsulated bioactives and probiotics with improved functionalities in terms of nutrition and costs to get a real impact on human health
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We are here to make a difference in the world, and make it better! I don't have the word ”no” or ”imposible” in my vocabulary because ”I am possible” and with the right people we can save the Planet, because is needed!
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Magnostics is an Irish bionanotech company that is developing a screening test which enables rapid diagnosis of Acute Mesenteric Ischemia.
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The ALGAPOLYBEV solution will use the ALGAESYS attached photosynthetic organisms’ growth system to treat what would otherwise be F&B waste, while recovering biomass for bio-based polymer ingredients production and water for reuse.
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What we Offer

  • Complimentary EBAN Annual Congress tickets for all applicants
  • Pitching slot
  • Profile listed on Congress website and promotional campaigns
  • Access to all workshops and sessions
  • Access to networking area and possibility of 1-1 matchmaking meetings facilitated by the InvestEU Portal
  • Selected companies receive additional tickets and discounts in order to bring along bigger team

Who can apply

  • Early stage companies from all industries and sectors
  • Actively fundraising for an equity investment of between €50K – €5M
  • Company based or operating in any EU country
  • Scaleup of the Month session: EBAN member portfolio companies raising follow-on rounds

EBAN’s syndicated investment

Following the success of our Syndicated Investment at EAIS22, we are thrilled to announce the formation of an EBAN angel syndicate at the 2023 EBAN Congress. This syndicate will follow the Hellenic Business Angels Network in making investments in the startups pitching at our Congress. By joining our syndicate, you will have the unique chance to co-invest alongside international angels in the promising companies participating. If you are an investor interested in joining, reach out to


Scaleup of the Month

Scaleup of the month will feature pitches from our EBAN member portfolio companies raising follow-on rounds of €500K – €5M.

Innovation Showcase

The Innovation Showcase will feature pitches from selected startups raising €50K- €500K and coming from all sectors.

SPREAD2INNO will cover part of the expenses of selected Greek startups that:

  • Generate larger benefits than their market and are replicable in different contexts
  • Are located in less developed regions
  • Are involved in sustainable innovations
  • Have TRL4 level or above
  • Have a gender balanced team
Selected Greek startups will be invited to fill the SPREAD2INNO registration link and provide additional information to prove their eligibility.
Once selected, the startups will not only have free access to the Congress and receive partial reimbursement of the travel and accommodation in Thessaloniki. They will also profit from other SPREAD2INNO advantages:
  • An online platform as a single point of reference for information about opportunities, events, funding, and exchange between different innovation ecosystems
  • 2 innovation academies
  • Tailor-made feasibility studies for participants
  • A one-week business case and investor training for finalists
SPREAD2INNO focuses on closing the geographical innovation gap that exists due to unequal connectedness and development of different regions of the European Union. Via the SPREAD2INNO working program and activities, the less developed innovation ecosystems will have a chance to adopt practices that will make them more attractive to international companies and tapping into the potential of local ecosystems. Discover more