Call for Proposals

EBAN Congress 2025

EBAN is delighted to offer its members the opportunity to host its Annual EBAN Congress in 2025. This call aims to collect proposals to host the Annual EBAN Congress and the EBAN Awards Ceremony which is integrated in the Congress activities.

The Annual Congress and the Annual Awards are flagship events of EBAN and given that they are hosted with the highest standard in mind we aim to partner up with exceptional co-hosts. These events are globally recognised initiatives of the sector attracting speakers and participants from all across the world. Their organisation is an opportunity for EBAN to express its leadership in the sector and for the Host to raise visibility and mobilise its national stakeholders on the urgency of better early stage investment practices.








2. Evaluation Criteria

1. Being a member of EBAN

2. Leverage effect for the host near local/regional/national organisations and policy maker

3. Budget of the proposition and secured income/sponsorship;

4. Previous experience in the organisation of international events and references.

3. Deadline for Submissions


of April 2024

Deadline for Submission

An intention of proposal is recommended to be sent before this date for clarifications


of April 2024

Decision made by the EBAN Board


of May 2024

Announcement of the Congress 2025  @ EBAN Congress 2024

4. Layout of the event & Requirements


Day 0


EBAN Board Meeting

● Fully equipped room (eg. datashow projection, internet access and refreshments) for 20-25 participants.

● Up to 2-hours meeting

VIP Dinner ● Invitation only dinner to approx. 100 participants including speakers, sponsors, EBAN Board, organisers and other key local and international guests
Day 1 Full day of Congress sessions

● Target audience: 300-500 Participants representing early stage investment actors (eg. business angels, fund managers) and other market stakeholders (eg. policy makers, academic researchers, service providers)

● Panels and keynote sessions with approx. 50 speakers proposed by EBAN & Host

● Possibility of hosting at least 6 simultaneous sessions (1 main room + 5 break out rooms)

● Networking breaks with refreshments

● One networking lunch (buffet type)

● Branded venue highlighting sponsors, partners and organisers

● Availability of press corner for pictures and interviews with some of the speakers

● Animator to host the Congress and facilitate transition between sessions. (see Agenda below)

Day 1 EBAN General Assembly ● Availability of room for up to 100 people in a timing not conflicting with Congress sessions
EBAN Awards ● Delivery of trophies to 4-8 winners in different categories. Management of the Awards is done by EBAN with collaboration of local representatives/ guest in the winner decision process
Gala Dinner

● 150 -200 target participants

● High-level seated dinner designed for optimal networking and visibility of sponsors

● Possibility to host a small show connected with the local culture

Exhibition booths ● Possibility to host booths for sponsors, partners and startups
Day 2 Full day of Congress sessions ● (continued as in Day 1)
  Exhibition booths ● (continued as in Day 1)
Post Event Activities EBAN Academy Explore Program

● Half day to full day program, done after the 2 main days of Congress are concluded, intended for international investors to discover the local startup and investment ecosystem

● Ecosystem visits, meetings with local startup and investment stakeholders

● Leisure program for ensuing weekend is suggested

Other requisites Dedicated event website

● Website must be fully working at least 6 months before the event.

● Website ULR is

● Website must comprise all public information available about the event including but not exclusively: agenda, venue and logistics, hotels, the organisers, the registration


● EBAN is the exclusive responsible for the communication of the event to the international community

● The Host is the exclusive responsible for the communication of the event to the national community, including the attraction of regional/national press

● EBAN and the Host will agree on a communication plan to be deployed before, during and after the event.

● EBAN and the Host will not mutually share their contacts database as this is considered to be confidential information. An exception is made for the contact details of all registered event participants (including speakers, sponsors and partners) which should be in possession of both organisations.

  Summary of discussions ● The Host will coordinate a summary of discussions to be published and disseminated after the event.
  Photography and video recording of the Congress

● Official photographer to capture all the moments of the Congress and official dinners

● Video recording of sessions (optional)

● Post-edition of individual videos for online sharing

● Possibility of streaming of some of the sessions

  Online tool(s)

● Mobile app (optional)

● Online networking tool (optional)

  Event venue ● The venue of the event should be modern and fully equipped. It should also provide a main room for all participants, multiple rooms for break-out sessions and a lobby area for networking with enough space for catering and exhibition area.
  Negotiated hotels

● The Host is responsible to pre-identify and negotiate hotel rooms with preferential conditions for participants.

● The rates of negotiated hotels should match different budgets including rooms at under 100€/ night.

● Negotiated hotels should be at a walking distance from venues. If it is not possible to provide hotels within a walking distance the Host is responsible to provide reliable transportation to and from the venues.

● Preferential hotel rates should be also available for the weekend and all extra-Congress activities following or preceding the event.


5. The Agenda

The EBAN Board is ultimately responsible for the final agenda of the event, and should approve propositions put forward by the organising party in terms of content and speakers. The Host will be consulted at various stages of the elaboration of the agenda to make sure that features of its local early stage investment market that are relevant to the audience are included and that objectives for both organisations are met to the best extent possible.

The content must be innovative and informative. Speakers should be selected based on their ability to provide a clear and interesting presentation. Speakers should not be allowed to make “sales pitches” about their organisation and not address the topic. This should be ensured through the selection of key moderators who should be selected on the basis that they are committed to putting some time and effort in making sure that the speakers on the panel provide clear and comprehensive statements to a common message. EBAN and the hosts should make sure that moderators have done this work in advance or will be able to make the decision to change the moderator.

The invitation of speakers is a shared responsibility to be agreed between EBAN and the Host.

It is highly recommended to use an experienced and well acknowledged “master of ceremonies” to successfully make the transition between the different sessions, summarise learnings, inform the audience about last-minute changes and – very important – keep timing of the agenda.

6. The Budget

Based on prior editions of the EBAN Congress hosted around Europe the total event budget is estimated to range between 75,000€ and 150,000€. The Host is eligible for collecting revenues, such as registration fees and event sponsorships, with specific considerations for discounted rates, invitations, and benefits for various stakeholders. A supervision fee of 15,000€ (excluding VAT) will be charged to the Host by EBAN for the support in the planning and realization of the Congress, with payment installments tied to specific milestones. 

7. Summary of Responsibilities

The Host is responsible for:
– Organising and coordinating the event, including the Gala and Awards Dinner and the VIP Dinner/Reception, the General Assembly and EBAN Board Meeting, the Explore Program, in a professional manner following the guidelines of this Contract and its Annexes.
– Collaborating with EBAN on preparing the Congress agenda.
– Preparing the venues accordingly with branding and décor.
– Attracting audience from the Host’s region/country.
– Attracting high level speakers from the local/national ecosystem.
– Attracting regional/national press attention and eventually setting up interviews.
– Attracting sponsors to help fund the event.
– Ensuring a core team responsible for: general management, content, logistics, sponsorships, marketing/media contacts and relations with EBAN.
– Covering organisational costs for all Congress activities including (but not limited to): catering and coffee breaks for 3 days, venue costs for all days, Gala and Awards Dinner and VIP Dinner/Reception costs, printing costs and entry badges, lanyards, event photography during all Congress activities. Please note that invoices may have to be paid in advanced of the services rendered (i.e. catering and printing costs). Full list of requirements in Annex I.
– Receiving ticket and event sponsorship revenues.
– Issuing ticket sales invoices and sponsorship sales invoices relative to the Congress
– Collaborating with EBAN on preparing a summary of discussions to be published and disseminated after the event.
– Assistance in administrating the event website.
– Have access to the event registration and payment platforms.
– Coordinating with any other event partners and EBAN on the list of attendees and preparing the entry badges.
– Providing volunteers to run ground operations during the event (registration of guests, informing guests regarding rooms and sessions, assisting with technical issues, etc.)
– Finding suitable hotels and negotiating discounted rates for Congress attendees.
– Coordinating with EBAN for free entries.
– Coordinating with EBAN for Congress ticket prices and discounted prices.
– Transferring to EBAN the Supervision fee for the event

EBAN is responsible for:
− The content of the Annual Congress including the definition of the agenda, activities taking place and invitations to speakers from abroad.
− Scheduling regular phone calls with the Host to monitor progress and answer any questions.
− Setting up the website, registration and payment platforms used for the event
− Setting up the ticket payment platform
− Organising the selection procedure associated to any pitching competitions taking place during the Congress.
− Inviting entrepreneurs and coaches for workshops and training activities.
− Executing the EU project sessions/trainings.
− Attracting international attendees.
− Attracting international high-level speakers.
− Promoting the event on its website and marketing channels.
− Organising the content of the EBAN Ordinary General Assembly and EBAN Board of Directors Meeting
− Attracting sponsorships and assisting the Host in attracting sponsorships.
− Coordinating with the Host for free entries.
− Coordinating with the Host for Congress ticket prices and discounted prices.
− Assisting the Host on the event website content.
− Providing volunteers to run ground operations during the event (registration of guests, informing guests regarding rooms and sessions, assisting with technical issues, etc.).

8. How to Apply

The deadline to apply to be Hosts of the 2025 Annual EBAN Congress and Awards Ceremony is April 1st 2024.

In your application, which can be in the form of a slide deck and accompanied by as many annexes and supporting files as needed, we are looking forward to reading:

  • Who: Presentation of the Host organization (including past experience in the organization of international conferences and the team of people that would be working on the organization of the Congress), information on other hosting organizations (if any), partner organizations envisioned for the event
  • What: Proposed theme and main topics to be addressed in the Congress agenda; any other activities envisioned in the agenda
  • Where: Location of the event and venues for the conference, dinners, networking events, and other envisioned activities
  • When: Proposed date for the Congress in April-June 2024
  • Why: Your reasons to be hosts for the event, what you hope to achieve with the Congress and why your proposal should be selected
  • How: Your proposed Congress budget, plan to attract event sponsors and raise local attendance/participation

To reply to this call for proposals please fill out this form or click the button below and uploading all the slide deck presentation and any supporting documents.

If you require any further information please contact:

Jacopo Losso

EBAN Director General

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