Join us at the EBAN Congress Tallinn Gala Dinner

Gala Dinner is a special once-a-year event dedicated to angel investors and guests of the Congress.

  • 400 angel investors and startup representatives spend time together

  • Excellent occasion to follow up on your networking

  • Enjoy fine cuisine in the Nobel Hall located at hip and vibrant North Tallinn Noblessner quarters

  • Splendid evening with toasts, live entertainment and making connections

Date: Tuesday May 21st
Time: 19:00-23:00
Venue: Nobel Hall, Noblessner

Please note that the dress-code for this event is Cocktail dress/Business Suit, or optionally Long gown/black tie. Besides the EBAN Congress ticket, registration is required to attend the Gala Dinner.

Members can nominate themselves or someone else in any of the following categories:

This award is open to any equity investor operating in the European early stage market. Applying investors should demonstrate:

  • At least one meaningful exit in 2023; OR large growth funding rounds raised for your portfolio startups in 2023
  • Recognition by peers
  • Recognition by the entrepreneurs as bringing a real value added to the enterprise

This award is open to startups that have received funds from European early stage investors and can demonstrate at least one of the following:

  • Achievement of a positive exit to the investors
  • Considerable impact of the investment reflected in the growth of the company (employees, internationalization, etc.)
  • Attraction of different market players into the same investment round (e.g. business angels, VCs, family offices…)

This award is open to all members of EBAN that can demonstrate:

  • Sound results of their activity for the year 2023
  • Successful collaboration with its local community and with other EBAN members
  • Engagement in EBAN activities
  • Recognition by peers

This award is open to new members that have joined EBAN as of January 2023 and can demonstrate:

  • Considerable increase in performance since joining EBAN
  • Successful collaboration with its local community and with other EBAN members
  • Engagement in EBAN activities
  • Recognition by peers

EBAN promotes and rewards outstanding postgraduate thesis practical implications research:

Business Angels Thesis Award Competition

High-quality impact & practical research are the foundation to engage and strengthen its role between researchers and practitioners/policy-makers.

EBAN’s Business Angels Thesis Award Competition is open to all former students (Master’s and PhD) who have written original, innovative dissertations and completed their thesis about Business Angel’s investment-related topics.

Find out more about the competition and apply though the links below!