The EBAN Annual Awards 2021 is our chance to celebrate together (on Zoom) the Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs who have made exceptional effort during the pandemic period, taking this opportunity to innovate in 2020. And after a year like that, we deserve it!

 Have you or your organization undertaken something new and been resilient throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?

If so, please make your application for EBAN’s Annual Awards, where the winners will be recognized during the Annual Congress on the 17th of June.

We invite all individuals and organizations operating in Europe to apply to EBAN Awards by submitting their candidacy through one of EBAN’s members by June 7th. Members can nominate themselves and/or another member of EBAN for an award.


  • Best European Early Stage Investors
  • Successful Business Financed by Early-Stage Investors
  • Best Performing EBAN Member
  • Best Performing New EBAN Member