George Platanas

Seasoned executive offering more than 24 years of experience in managing and leading teams to drive strategy, innovation, change and deliver high-quality results in the international business environment and in diverse industries of Shipping, Financial Services, Startups, and Fundraising.

George is a leader with a passion for innovation, constant learning & improvement. Loves collaboration, brainstorming & big ideas. He will jump at any opportunity to solve a problem with his creativity.

A modern leader: Leads through trust over control and intrinsic motivation over strain. He cares about results, not means, and drives productivity through ensuring autonomy and personal development. 

A digital business architect: Having build & invested in tech businesses, from innovation and service design to corporate strategy, he gained a strong understanding of both business and technology.

A non-consultant consultant: George has a hands-on experience (rather than theoretical one) in leading, managing & delivering results. Always puts his money where his mouth is, therefore he will never support or suggest something he wouldn’t risk his money for.

A problem solver: He is highly analytical and pragmatic, beating emotional opinions with rational arguments, believes in creativity and in always taking an outside-in view to challenges.

A people-person: He has strong social and communication skills. Tends to be an outgoing thinker & naturally has an easy time persuading others. Confident and decisive, he is likely to take bold action and articulate ideas to build momentum around the projects that he pursues.

A passionate character: He is excited about digitalization and the vastly expanding opportunities for business design. Values curiosity, is particularly fascinated by new experiences, unconventional thinking, and anything he yet knows nothing about. Always up for an intriguing chat, firm believer that good ideas have no boundaries & that commitment to your dreams always lead the way to success.

Specialties: Business Design, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, business strategy & planning, business development, product ownership, problem-solving, leadership, innovation, an expert in financial planning/reporting/budgeting, fundraising & stakeholder management