Guri Koiava

Guri Koiava is an entrepreneur, early stage angel investor, startup mentor and public speaker with work history in organization development and management with nonprofit, government and private sectors.

In 2005 Guri received the Presidential Scholarship for Best Sportsman of the Year and a black belt in martial arts. As well he was a board member for the Georgian scouts movement. Around this time Guri moved to the EU to pursue new opportunities. He volunteered at the Robert Schuman Foundation (Poland) and had the opportunity to manage civil rights and social action projects. In this time he received a study scholarship and moved to Latvia.

As a student Guri was one of the co-founders of NGO “Pagalms” for the Youth in Action Program (Erasmus+) in Riga. As a result he become a team lead, facilitator and co-organizer of numerous seminars, training sessions and gatherings representing Latvia and Georgia. He gained BBA & MBA degrees during his studies at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences and Turiba University in Latvia.

In early 2013 Guri was accepted to work in the Georgian National Tourism Administration (Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia). During that time Guri and a team were determined to develop and promote Georgia as the loveliest travel destination worldwide. During his work at GNTA the number of international visitors increased by 21%, followed by a financial boom in the hotel and restaurant industry.

In different years, Guri was involved in co-organizing music festivals with the goal of increasing tourism in less traveled Georgian regions, for example the town of Anaklia or Poti. Projects: KaZantip Republic / Anaklia (2014), Georgian Electronic Music Festival – GEM Fest / Anaklia (2015,2016,2017) and Swing Festival / Poti (2021).