Michalis Stangos

Michalis is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and ecosystem builder.
Vice President and Partner of L Stone Capital, an impact driven seed and series A fund.

Co-founder of Industry Disruptors Game Changers, a pioneer organization igniting innovation and growth in 64 countries; of Future Agro Challenge, a global leader in agrifood transformation and the empowerment of farmers, working also closely with FAO UN for ecosystem building in NENA region (Agrination Startup Cup); Co-founder and Vice President of SmartAgroHub, an innovative company for smart farming; Co-founder of SciCo, an organisation for scientific engagement; Founder of mscomm Group with presence in 10 countries and Head of EIT FOOD HUB GREECE.

Michalis is an advocate of open innovation mechanisms focusing on building a corporate-startup engagement platform for creating value to the economy and society.

He is a top-tier strategist, designer of innovative policies, services and products working with the European Commission, European Parliament, EIT Food, SRSS and the Committee on World Food Security of the United Nations. Michalis has served twice in the Greek Government. He is a visiting Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Alexander Fleming Biomedical Sciences Research Center and the Athens Medical School. He has travelled to more than 80 countries in six continents.