Mohammed Al-Rashidi

Mohammed is a Founder of Multiple ventures in Telcom, mContent, mHealth, mTourism, mEducation, mGovernment and Fintech.

All his ventures are addressed under One Global Holding, an idea Generation and incubation venture with business model adoption to the market needs and future growth.
Og is a Multi Vertical markets digital inclusion platform.

Mohammed is an aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for the mobilization of lifestyle services. He
acts as a transformer to the current infrastructure of vertical markets.

The diversity and unity of Og Holding make its mission towards its “One” Vision achievable in 2030. Mohammed Founded Og Money (Formerly known as Payit), a mobile financial & Payment platform with a strong presence in more than 12 countries across GCC, the Middle East, North Africa, East Africa, West Africa, Europe, and the US, offering Payments, Merchant Services, mPos, Mobile banking switch, Mobile Wallet and Money Transfer.
Mohammed recently invented a patent in the Fintech industry registered in the US and other countries for performing a card presence Transaction on the cloud. His philosophy drives Mohammed: Performing a mission by 2030 always requires brains and machines, automation of resources, and a map of thinking to processes to be successful.

Mohammed has two main goals for his philosophy:

  • Streamlining operation processes across the vertical markets.
  • Encouraging more innovation throughout the investment in earliest-stage Tech companies.

He also serves as a Board member in many companies in the Tech Industry and New Telecom Technologies businesses.

In June 2017, Mohammed started disrupting Og before others did by setting up an innovation Lab for experimenting and simulating disrupting technologies such as Blockchain, cryptocurrency, Ultrasonic, IOT, ML, DL, AI, and other confidential plans under a platform called Og X. With this lab Og can maintain sustainability and achieve its ONE Vision.